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Madness organized in 40 liters

How to pack a light suitcase in style

When it's time to pack your bags, the second part of the journey begins. Yes, because you lived the first part while planning your itinerary and imagining everything that would welcome you once you arrived on the spot.
Packing your suitcase might seem like a boring activity but it's time instead to connect with your upcoming experience.
To make the moment memorable, choose the soundtrack of the suitcase-time and open the dance.
Our advice is to travel light, with hand luggage that does not require long times either for boarding or for collection. But we still don't want to give up anything, so we have to be strategic in the choices and in the composition of the suitcase.
If you prefer the largest suitcase to take on board, still read our advice to live the moment with serenity.

The first good rule is to prepare a list. It's an activity to do once and for all, listing all the things you think are essential for a trip. You may not always bring them all whenever you move, but this simple trick will help you minimize the risk of forgetting something important.
And now let's start with the clothing. Think first of all about what you will wear when you leave in order to put what you need aside. If you plan on bringing several pairs of shoes, choose to wear the bulkier ones when you leave.
Always check the average day and night temperatures of your destination on the weather apps, in order to adjust well with the right weight of clothing.
If you are undecided about what to pack, divide the clothes into three piles: 'Yes', 'No' and 'Maybe'.
The 'Yes' pile contains the must-have items, which you are sure to wear.
The 'Maybe' pile includes items you're not sure about while the 'No' pile includes items you rarely wear. Repeat the 'less is more' mantra and try to reduce the 'Maybe' pile as much as possible!
Consider that you can always have your things washed in the hotel or refreshed by yourself.
If you have chosen to travel light with a hand luggage trolley, fight against the vacuum. Take advantage of every space available in your suitcase, for example by arranging the rolled up laundry in those small spaces that are created in the part that houses the telescopic handle. This way you will flatten the bottom and exploit every inch. The socks, on the other hand, can be stored inside the shoes.
Put the heaviest items on the bottom of the suitcase, near the wheels. This will make the suitcase more stable and easier to maneuver. Start with the shoes, placed in separate bags so as not to dirty the clothes and continue with the lighter things. Remember, emptiness is your enemy!
Continue with longer pants or skirts that can be folded in two or more, alternating the bulkiest part of the waist once up and down.
If you need to bring beach towels with you, consider buying microfiber ones, which dry very well and take up very little space in your suitcase.
To fill narrow and long spaces you can think of rolling the shirts into cylinders, which will also help you not to wrinkle them. Continue in layers without leaving gaps.
Use clear plastic bags or pouches to organize bathroom accessories, even liquid ones. This way you will be sure not to dirty your clothes, should your bottles open and you can also easily extract the bag for the airport controls, without having to rummage.
If you have a lot of items like chargers and earphones, you can use a travel organizer with compartments. In hotels, there are never too many sockets available, so if you have a lot of electronic items to recharge, consider bringing a power strip with you and if your destination is to countries with specific sockets, make sure you have an adapter with you universal, like this one.
You're almost done, with your suitcase packed but do you still have some things that just don't fit?
Consider that you can always carry with you, in addition to the trolley, another small travel bag and you can choose a backpack or a soft bag that can accommodate the objects left out. If you are traveling with checked baggage, it is always a good idea to keep at least one change of linen, a toothbrush and any medicines with you in the small bag you carry in the cabin, in case your baggage is lost.
Zip closed, you're ready to go!